Our Story

Hey there!

PLAY . FULL . GOODS is the complete rebranding and expansion of my quilting business from years ago!  Play Children’s Wear & Custom Bedding, remember us??

If so welcome back!

It’s been a while (almost 8 years to be exact) & lots has changed since then!

It’s hard to keep up with the side hustle when you have a toddler stomping around & a full time career on the horizon.  Let’s just say, life got in the way and my personal endeavours really hopped on the back burner.  

Now that my little boy is fairly self sufficient and all of life’s distractions have been swiftly removed (thank you Covid ...) I’ve been sewing again, and let me just tell you, it feels good.  Like really good.

& to put it simply, that’s why I’m back.  

Here’s just a little about me to get us re-acquainted!

A sweet 10 year old boy calls me Mom and he’s the inspiration behind most of the things I do.  

I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl and I always dreamed of being a children’s wear designer.  That little girl has been fortunate enough to cross that dream off her to-do list.  Working as a Sales Associate, Visual Merchandiser & Apparel Designer for some pretty well known children's wear brands I’ve taken it all in and learned lots along the way.  

I’m excited to take you along on this old/new journey with me!